5 Beauty Influencers To Follow On Instagram

by Divine Independence

With over 800 million users on Instagram, it can be difficult to figure out which beauty influencers to follow. With online business getting larger than retailers and marketing becoming as easy as having an influencer wear your product, it can be hard to decide who we can trust to tell us the truth. Often, we we look to beauty influencers we are also looking for someone to help us figure out how to apply make up! Because lets be honest, we were not born knowing. Do not worry, here is a list of 5 honest and real beauty influencers that have proven how much they care about the products they use and their followers!

1. Catherine Martinez

With 36.9k followers, Catherine isn’t the biggest influencer on our list. However, she does stand out from the crowd because she does all of her videos in American Sign Language. We love that she does not exclude anyone from her videos.

2. Lupe Sujet Cuevas

If you need any help at all with seasonal looks, Lupe is your girl! She does an amazing job with matching her hair and make-up looks. Not only that, she explains everything in her tutorials as well.

3. Ceira Mi Lunasa

Looking for a way to tame curly hair and not harm the environment? This unique beauty influencer living in Australia does just that! Be ready for some other helpful healthy tips that have nothing to do with hair and make up as well!


From cute glitter pigtails to full on costume tutorials, this Chinese model blogger has you covered. She also does an amazing job on honest product reviews and will let you know when something just won’t work. Be ready for lots of vibrant hair and make up colors as well.

5.Valeria Lipovetsky

Where beauty meets holistic healing is where you will find this influencer. Not only will you learn how to apply your foundation in the right shade, but you will also know where to find the motivation to do it with this amazing gal!

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