Cardi B Throws More Shade at Nicki Minaj

by CJ Howard

So, in case you don’t already know, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into a fight as they were leaving the New York Fashion Week’s annual Harper’s Blazaar, as seen here:

Afterwards, Cardi B claimed she attacked Nicki, over her questioning her parenting skills, something Nicki denies. Recently, Nicki Minaj fired backed on her radio show, which you can hear in this video, including Cardi B’s original response to the fight: 

So basically, Nicki is calling Cardi a liar, with the reason being to look good and get attention. After that response, Cardi B wasn’t done throwing shade and posted an image on Instagram, of the top 10 best record selling Hip-Hop albums of 2018, a list that Nicki Minaj is not on, but Cardi B is, and she wrote “numbers don’t F***in lie,” which can be seen here:  

Just as a side note, Nicki’s latest album was just released last month. With all this back and forth, I really don’t know who started what and I really don’t care either.

I honestly think both Cardi and Nicki are toxic, and this is all nonsense for attention; a trick out of the Kanye West being ignorant book, to sell records.


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