Eminem Confirmed to Respond to Machine Gun Kelly

by CJ Howard

In an interview on “Culture Untold,” Shady Records producer, Mr. Porter, confirmed that Eminem would be clapping back on MGK, after he released a diss track on him, called Rap Devil, mocking the Eminem song “Rap God.” In my own opinion, I think the track was okay or as Mr. Porter put it, “cute.” It’s nothing new and nothing flashy, it got old to me real quick, I didn’t even finish the song.

Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil

To me, it’s just MGK going after his 15 minutes of fame, which will be up the minute Em releases his response. To many people, Eminem is the GOAT of rap, something I don’t believe, but you can’t say you know rap and not have Em in your top 10, so MGK made a mistake. When that diss track comes out, he needs to sit back and learn a lesson from his master, Eminem.

Mr Porter says Eminem will be working on a Machine Gun Kelly Diss Track soon



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