"How to Build a Better Instagram Page"

by Alejandrosvibes

As you may have noticed, influencers have really well arranged Instagram pages: perfect feed, high quality photos, ... Here are some tips to make your Instagram page worthy of an influencer and with some work, maybe will you become one ...

The most important visually talking is your feed. Well arranged, the photos give a really cool result! For this, make sure that the colors are similar, especially for the background, and a light that doesn't vary too much according to the photos, otherwise the filters that you put after will not make the same result.

Talking about filters, most people use VSCO, it's a free app available on Android and IOS. There are already filters available, but by playing a little with, we can create new ones. Even if most filters aren't free, it's easy to avoid the payment by taking a screenshot of your photo in the app once the changes are complete. On Internet or Pinterest, search for "VSCO filter themes", you'll have hundreds of examples, try to find the one you like the most !

The activity on your account is a very important part. If you are not active, no one will want to follow you. Try to find a post rhythm that suits you and stick to it! You can post 4 times a day as 1 time a week, it's as you want. Remember that's YOUR account, you do what you want with it.

By the way I strongly advise you to still be active in instastory. That way, people will see that you have not abandoned your account if you do not post every day.

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