Influencer Spotlight: Hope Schwing!

If you are on Youtube or TikTok, we would find it hard to believe that you are not following @Hope.Schwing. With her contagious smile and all the fun her and her crew seem to get into, you are missing out if you are not a follower on her social media accounts. 

We got to exclusively catch up with Hope in between being in the Atacama Desert last week and her trip to Peru this weekend. Can we say global? As promised we have some fun facts to share about her with you! Also, be on the lookout as Hope will be featured on our Tuesdays With TC Social Podcast hosted by our very own Rayne!

- Her whole last name is Schwinghamer, not just Schwing. 
- She got (now Tik Tok) because she thought that nobody would ever see her videos, and she liked that (but she didn't know what she was missing until now! she love the spotlight now.)
- She started hula hooping because of a pageant she was in and didn't have a talent since she was too scared to sing!
- She has a song coming out on iTunes!
- She has two younger sisters, Kayla and Alyssa.
- She once competed in a talent contest at the Minnesota State Fair to win $10,000 (but a cello player beat her XD)
- She timed herself hula hooping one day and lasted over 2 hours. The only reason she stopped was because she got bored. 
- Her mom donated her kidney to her dad on Christmas Eve in 2015.
- She can wiggle her ears.
- Hope has 4 tattoos.
- She saw James Charles at a party in LA and low-key followed him around because #sisterstarstruck (no shame hahah!)
- She is currently a foreign exchange student in Viña Del Mar, Chile!  
- She speaks Spanish and English fluently. 
- She has her own Henna Tattoo business, #Girlboss!
Thank you!!
Hope S.

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  • i just wanna say that your a amazing human bein

    • destiny
  • i just wanna say that your a amazing human bein

    • destiny
  • i just wanna say that your a amazing human bein

    • destiny
  • KIWI FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love uuuuuuuu sooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Elise
  • KIWI!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Abel