The Best Game Grumps Videos to Grump to

by John Hansen

YouTube is a diverse website with millions of different people submitting content every day. Some people like using the platform to communicate, and some want to teach. Others use the video site to entertain and that is where one of my personal favorite channels come in. The Game Grumps were created in 2012 by Arin (Egoraptor) Hanson with his friend Jon (JonTron) Jafari and focused on the two playing video games while comedically commentating on the game’s contents and their personal life. Following about a year of Grumping, JonTron left the show to focus on his own pursuits. Lead Vocalist of comedy band Ninja Sex Party was brought in replace JonTron and has remained there since.

If you have never watched any Game Grumps videos on Youtube, here are a list of videos (or series) I would recommend checking out to get the right idea of the kind of content they provide.

Sonic '06: WHAT IS THIS? - PART 20 - Game Grumps

Sonic ’06 is a maddening, broken game that can send anyone on a tirade. By episode 20 of Arin and Jon playing this Arin has completely lost it. About seven and a half minutes into the episode, another glitch happens which prompts Arin to leave saying “I’m done” and begin screaming “What is this!”. What follows next is arguably the most quotable thing Arin has ever said going into a dramatic, inspirational “What am I willing to put up with today? Not f****** this!” While not the funniest moment, this is definitely a classic from Game Grumps history.

Battle Kid Fortress of Peril: FINALE - Game Grumps

This is the most memorable Arin raging moment. While trying to fight a plant boss he begins to improv stories because it seems to help him. Every time he dies he begins a new one. This is one you absolutely have to watch for the build up in the end of the episode. Pure comedy gold.

Mickey Mousecapade - Game Grumps

This entire episode Arin does an Angry Video Game Nerd impersonation and constantly berates the game developer (in good fun, of course). Danny loses his mind for the entirety of the episode and you get to listen to Arin list the number of things that come out of an anus.

Dennis the Menace - Game Grumps

The experience of Danny and Arin playing through this game is funny enough, but the real payoff is after 14 minutes into the video they do an improv rap about Mr. Wilson that brings you to a gut=wrenching laugh.

Sonic Adventure DX

This is a series you need to watch all the way through. There are so many funny moments throughout the playthrough. The series lasts 56 videos, and they are all worth the view.

Grump's Dream Course: Obama Watches Game Grumps - PART 55 - Game Grumps VS

All of the Grump’s time playing Kirby’s Dream Course and the fan-made mod is fun, but this particular episode brings the idea of Barack Obama watching Game Grumps while about to leave office. Arin’s impersonation of the former president is absolutely hilarious.

Any Game Grumps Animated

Link to playlist:

Arin Hanson began his internet success as an animator and the Game Grumps love to show off the work of animators in the community. Fans take their favorite moments from Game Grumps videos and often put the Grumps into the game with their voice overlaying the animation. It truly is some creative work and they pull from the best moments of Grump history. With them being so short, it also allows for easy bingeing.

These are just a few of the best videos to introduce yourself to the Game Grumps with. They are a great comedy duo, and they do plenty of other work as well. As mentioned earlier, Danny sings for the band Ninja Sex Party and are a great listen. Arin also has older work on his Egoraptor channel that is great stuff. Regardless of what you are looking for, they provide hilarious comedy.

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