Top 5 Funny Instagram Accounts

Top 5 Funny Instagram Accounts

by Andrew Heinzman

The internet can be a dark, boring place, and Instagram is no exception. If you find yourself endlessly refreshing your Instagram feed only to be greeted with selfies, it may be time to follow some funny accounts. And you shouldn’t restrict yourself to following meme accounts – you can follow the pages that inspire meme accounts.

 1. @earlboykins2

Run by artist Andrew Kuo, @earlboykins2 collects and posts hilarious content every day. If you need a fix on surreal doge pictures, this is your place to go.

2. @girlwithnojob

Feel like procrastinating? @girlwithnojob understands that. She puts out content that turns the real-world upside down.

3. @tindernightmares

Do you always want to look at your friends’ Tinder conversations? Maybe you should check out @tindernightmares. It may even take the edge off your romantic life.

4. @fashiondads_

Know anybody who looks like this? @fashiondads_ bridges the gap between all dad types. From goofy dadbods to wild dad dogs.

5. @passengershaming

When’s the last time you were on an airplane? Did you wish that your friends were around to people-watch? @passengershaming compiles the funniest airline goofs, and whispers them into your Insta feed.


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