Top 5 YouTube Music Artists This Week

By Brittney Graham

Since the launch of the YouTube music app, it has been easier than ever to find the perfect music for the vibe we are feeling at the moment. There has been a change up this week on the top 5 artists. Let’s take a look at them and what videos sky rocketed them to the top of the YouTube Music charts!

1. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

With 205 million plays on his YouTube channel, this Louisiana native is rocking the YouTube music charts! His number one video? With 22 million views, it is called, “Drawing Symbols”, and you can view it HERE.


2. Drake

Coming in at number two this week, is no surprise! Who doesn’t love Drake these days? He has a total of 424 Million views all together on YouTube. His number one video? With 191 million views, it is “In My Feelings”, check it out HERE.


3. XXXTentacion

With 331 million views, XXXTentacion is holding steady at number 3 this week. Although this rapper passed away in July, 71.4 million of us still watch SAD! Check it out HERE.


4. Ozuna

With 857 Million overall viewers, this artist is the biggest on our list so far! Although, this week he has fallen to number 4, 145 million people are still listening to “Vaina Loca”, you can view it HERE.


5. Nicki Minaj

The Queen has fallen this week by three spots, but she is still dominating the charts at 295 million overall views. Her number one video right now? It is, “FEFE”, and you can check it out HERE.

There you have it, the top five YouTube Music artist this week. Check back next week to see if anyone was knocked off the top.


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